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 Kiteflix Video Gallery (903 Videos)
Kitesurfing Team Lg Cabarete Trip to La Boca
Kitesurfing Team Lg Cabarete Trip to La Boca
Professional Kitesurfing Team Lg Cabarete head out to La Boca (Dominican Republic)

Keywords: Luciano Gonzalez, Ariel Corniel, Alex Soto,  Kiteboarding Dominican Republic,,  Cabarete kitesurfing

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Sandbar Session
Sandbar Session
Jon, Sam, Madi, Sander kiteboarding at the Gorge Games 2008.

Keywords: Sam Medysky,  Gorge Games kiteboarding video

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Extreme Kiteboarding: Compilation
Extreme Kiteboarding: Compilation
Just a bunch of Kooks going off for five minutes. Experts intermediates and beginners learning new tricks.

Keywords: Kiteboarding video

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No Wind, No Waves, No Problem  Full Throttle
No Wind, No Waves, No Problem Full Throttle
No wind no waves we'll make up our own extreme sport 4 wheel towing! Featuring Chuck, Carson and world famous surfer Jim Kern just in from the south pacific. Check it out. A Tom Leeman Joint.

Keywords: Extreme Sport full throttle video,  florida kiteboarding video movie clip,  delray kiteboard video 4 wheel ATV tow kite video,  tom leeman video movie clip,  Chuck, Carson, Jim Kern video

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Extreme Kiteboarding: Collin
Extreme Kiteboarding: Collin
11 year old Collin goes unhooked in this kiteboarding video from Delray Beach, Florida.

Keywords: Kiteboarding Collin video,  kids who kiteboard video,  Tom Leeman kiteboarding video,  kitesurfing Delray Beach Florida video clip,  children kiteboarding video 11 year old boy kiteboarder movie film

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A Taste of Salt
A Taste of Salt
25-30 knots - 12 meter kite, kiteboarding at Botony Bay, Sydney, Australia

Keywords: Nuge, Kiteboarding, Botony Bay kiteboard video,  OZ kite video,  nuge kiteboarding video Australia,  Sydney kitesurf video clip movie

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