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Guilherme Trujilo, 10 years old
Guilherme Trujilo, 10 years old
Guilherme Trujilo is a 10 years old kitesurfer from Brazil. Her he is doing an S-Bend, Kitesurf Freestyle trick.

Keywords: children nino kitesurf video,  kids who can kitesurf movie,  S-beand kitenoarding trick video clip,  Brasil kitesurf movie,  Guilherme Trujilo kite video

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Excess Baggage  Intro and Teaser 2009
Excess Baggage Intro and Teaser 2009
The first teaser to the upcoming kiteboarding DVD movie, Excess Baggage.

Keywords: scribblevision, teaser, trailer, dvd, ,  excess baggage dvd movie video,  new kiteboarding dvd video for sale,  Vancouver Canada kiteboarding videos,  kitesurfing movies and DVDs

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Freestyle kiteboarding noosa
Freestyle kiteboarding noosa
Aden kiting at the noosa rivermouth

Keywords: freestyle kiteboarding video, noosa videos,  Lucas Hearn Aden Back kite video,  South East Queensland Australia kitesurf video,  Noosa River kiteboarding movie wmv .flv flash video,  kiting at Noosa rivermouth, Australia video

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Freakin Unleashed Strapless
Freakin Unleashed Strapless
Freakin Unleashed Strapless

Keywords: freak dog Unleashed videos,  top hat kitesurfing video,  bryan lake kitesurf vid,  Freak Dog Kites video,  Hawaii kitesurfing POV video

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pre xmas blowout
pre xmas blowout
kite landboarding video from England

Keywords: kite landboarding video clip,  UK kiteboarding video movie wmv,  carl kite video,  England landboarding kite video,  winter kite landboard video

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Shane Bonifay
Shane Bonifay
Shane Bonifay rides Turks & Caicos. Visiting from Florida, Shane joined Liquid Force Team riders Erik Ruck and Collin Harrington to film a segment of their upcoming dvd titled Box of Fun, scheduled for release early 2009.

Keywords: wakeboarding video turks & caicos islands,  shane bonifay wakeboard video caribbean island Providenciales,  collin harrington movie Box of Fun dvd video,  kiteboard turks and caicos islands videos,  nautique sports video mastercraft boat video

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