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Local Stoke  Delray Beach Florida
Local Stoke Delray Beach Florida
I shot this video Dec. 9th, 2004 at a beach in Delray. For whatever reason, I rarely visit it. Sometimes you look out over the horizon and focus on whats out there in the rest of the world. Today reminded me that there is no place like home. The Delray local riders in this kiteboarding video are Jay Blackburn, Rick Dunn, Paul Pinto, Chuck Lawson and Jay Stebbins who was visiting from Nantucket. Thanks for the stoke, guys. This ones for you.

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KiteSik was filmed specifically to enter in Kiteboarding Magazine's "Sickest Video" contest of 2002. The video is mostly some kick ass kiteboarding in the Florida keys by Neil, Hamish MacDonald, Brad Lange and some dude named Joe Thrasher who skated up out of nowhere and gave me some of my best shots. The video also includes three days worth of kitesurf pounding sessions in Gulfstream, Florida by Bill Kraft, Jeff Biege and Andy Defilippis. See tow up kiting and it's risks!

Keywords: extreme kitesurfing sports, kiteboarding video,  Andy Defilippis, Sickest Video, kitesurfing video,  Bill Kraft, kite films, kitemare,  kitesurfing florida, Slingshot kiteboarding,,  Boynton Delray Beach

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Hamish MacDonald gets arrested during the Islamorda Kiteboarding competition in the Florida keys. Hamish jumped over a boat while kiteboarding that happened to be the Sheriff's boat. Music by Scotty Marz - I Don't Want it.

Keywords: kiteboarding video, Flordida keys kitesurfing,,  Hamish MacDonald, kiteboarder arrested,,  Islamorada Invitational Kiteboarding Competition,  Florida keys kitesurfing, kiteboarding arrest,  kiteboarding video, kiteboarding kitesurfing, kitesurfing video

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Kite 4 Girls - Laura Meyers
Kite 4 Girls - Laura Meyers
This was the first ever, women only event, 2004. The wind blew over 20 knots most of the day, the sun was out and a big turnout of kiteboarders and spectators. Laurel Eastman flew in from Caberete to serve as a host and judge. Neil Hutchinson of Slingshot was MC and judge and Oliver Butsch of Cabrinha was also a judge. While the top two women competitors are listed below, all the women performed well and were winners for participating in such a momentus event.

Keywords: Laura Meyers kiteboarding video clip, kite girls,  movie of Kite4Girls kite competition,  kitesurfing school sports, sports water, extreme water sports,  kiteboarding kitesurfing, kitesurfing video, kiteboarding video,  womens kiteboarding, women who kiteboard, top kiteboarding women

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Kite4Girls Recap 2nd Annual
Kite4Girls Recap 2nd Annual
This kiteboarding video is a recap of the Kite4Girls female kiteboarding event.

Keywords: kite 4 girls, women kiteboarding, miami kiteboarding,  female kitesurfing, florida kiteboarding,  key biscayne florida, kiteboarding naish, florida kitesurfing, bordercross race kiteboarding,  kitesurf video, kiteboarding movie clip, GlobeRider Kites, kite girls,  kiteboarding kitesurfing, kitesurfing , slingshot kites, xrated kiteboarding

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AJ Morgan kiteboarding - WingCam
AJ Morgan kiteboarding - WingCam
AJ Morgan of Kitetricity - threw down a super-cool kiteboarding event in Florida. AJ finally got to unwind and go kiteboarding himself. I rigged him up with a new POV cam I call the WingCam because that's kinda where it sits. For a soundtrack, I added a sample of some music from a band I have been listening to called Lake Effekt.

Keywords: AJ Morgan kiteboarding in Malabar, POV Wingcam, kitesurfing, kiteboarding,  kiteboarding video clip, kitesurfing video, kite surf gear,  kitesurfing kite, extreme kitesurfing sports, kitesurfing web video,  kite surfing wave slash, kite kiteboarding sale trainer,  kitesurfing travel, Kitetricity

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