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Dubai Desert Buggying with Popeyethewelder & the Desert Gang

Well, this was my first trip into the Dubai desert, Sand Yeti and his lovely wife Brig were our host and couldn't have looked after us any better. We met the whole of the desert gang which was great and they are truly fantastic people. Sand Yeti spoils us with his beautiful flowing desert buggying video's, he makes it look so dam easy, well believe me its not. In 44 degree temperatures, all kitted up, I was nearly dying out there through heat exhaustion. I had three days in the desert and this video is made up of mainly the last two day, during the Buggy Drome run and finally the Dragon run...some of the dunes are twice the height of a house, with near vertical sides, the worst part is not knowing what on the other side of a ridge. Brig, gives a vital support to the desert runs, carrying spare water and kit, and is always there to help you get a kite back in the air, the lines are 40m long and when a kite goes down, it goes down over the following ridge, her support imho is crucial. I am sorry to not have included all the desert gang in this video, I chopped this down from over 4 hrs of footage, and I wanted to have it all in

Video Posted by: popeyethewelder
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