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Bahama Kite Race - Race Start: Fort Lauderdale

Kiteboarding race from Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA to Bimini Island, Bahamas. Organized by Neil Hutchinson and John Bartolo, this race is an historic event, first of it's kind. The race started in one country and a finished in another, crossing the deepest part of the Atlantic ocean and Gulfstream across 49 nautical miles of open water which included the Devils Triangle. During the past century over fifty ships and twenty aircraft disappeared without a trace into the Devils Triangle, also known as The Bermuda Triangle. What happened to the ships and aircraft is not known. During the Bahamas Kite Race, each team consisted of two kiteboarders with a chase boat to provide navigation and safety. BAHAMAS KITE RACE, OFFICIAL RESULTS 1st Place 3.28 Team United Capital Market Holdings Kent Marinkovic and Mike Gebhardt, Boat Reel Doc. 2nd Place 3.42 Team Klewin Construction Chad Anschuetz and Sean Stroud, Boat Menage a Trios. 3rd Place 3.59 Team ABX Kite Repair Demian Thomas and Alex Bloechinger, Boat Gabriella G. 4th Place 4.00 Team Miamikiteboarding Fabrice Collard and Christophe Ribot. 5th Place 4.22 Team Slingshot Hamish MacDonald and Doogle MacDonald. 6th Place 4.51 Team Gamezon Jayson Orkins and H. Trimble II 7th Place 5.40 Team WindJammers Eric Castelein and Chip Johnston 8th Place 7.18 Team Rocky Point A.J. Morgan and Trace Trusler. INDIVIDUAL RIDERS TO COMPLETE THE CROSSING Kevin Collins 4.12 Stacey Fonas 5.44 Ian Huschle 6.05

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