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2009 Tampa Bay Kite Masters Race

This year the Tampa Bay Kite Masters Race pulled together to benefit All Childrens Hospitial in St. Petersburg, Florida. Jason Orkins who is the founder of this race and his wife Julie recently had gave birth to Raley Grace Orkins. She was born pre-mature and it didn't look promising. The race was almost not held, but Chris Moore and his wife Tammy, Steve Levine of Watersports West and others in the local Kite Surfing community pulled the race together - this year as a benefit. All proceeds went to All Childrens on behalf of the Raley Grace Orkins fund. Speaking of pregnancies .... C.J. is pregnant! As such she did not enter the race this year, though hubby Dustin did. C.J if you don't know is an avid kite girl and deserves credit here. This video would not be as good without her involvement. Taking 1st place was Mike Hall in 45 minutes, followed by Damien Leroy 2nd and Billy Parker 3rd. Special mention of the "Gebbie" who was in the top 3 then had some bad luck and spent 10 minutes on the beach fixing his kite. This could of been his year to win it... maybe next year buddy. Water Sports West a huge thanks for their generous sponsorship and hosting the pre party. The music I selected here is from Florida bands. The first song WAS from Dead Star Assembly but their Manager must be an idiot because he asked us to remove it. So we used a song from the amazing band "Bettys Not A Vitamin" locally here from Clearwater Beach. Kick this one up a notch and enjoy.....

Video Posted by: 4video, Clearwater
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