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It was blowing big this day. Jimbo refused to pump up a smaller kite, so he stayed on his 12 m and was boosting some big time air. He was the one who appears to be jumping the Tawas Point lighthouse. I would say the jump was well over 100 yds (est). I don't have last names, but these guys are locals to Tawas. The band on the Vid is 311 & the track is All mixed up. The bay is 2-3 ft deep for as long as you can is one of the sweetest places to ride in the great lakes. I would love to own a POV, but don't have one yet? Hook a brotha up! Mark Kuban was shot riding right outside his shop, Motor City Kiteboarding in the bay. Sharing the Stoke!
From: george  
Reply: Cool. Thanks for the update and details! And, hey, anyone can own a POV cam. I sell them in our shop and give the best price around to anyone clever enough to ask me about one.
Steve, Mark Kuban, Jimbo, Bob, very cool video. Looks like a sweet day to have been riding. The big air at 0:51 is huge. Anyone have distance estimates? Who was it? Try and list all riders names in text desciption so they become searchable in the archives. A well put together video by Steve Berry edited to good music (please always tell us the track so people can buy it and the support the band). I like the sequence shot stills. I like the lighthouse / church shot. ?? Thanks guys for giving us a glimpse of what it is like to ride Taws Bay, Michigan. More please. Anyone have a POV cam on the lake? Thanks for the "S"toke!!
From: mikerooka  
Reply: almost 100 yards! airing the lighthouse sweet