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Super cool video, Carl. I especially liked the "You are f-ing joking" part. Damn. I was waiting for you to flip and roll. Serious terrain, Incredible place. Awesome soundtrack fits location well, the song is by... PVD (Paul van Dyk)? Varied and good camera angles. When are you going to mount your cam back farther so we can see more? Vid quality looks good. Bullet or camcorder? Housing / cam protection? Thanks for sharing on KiteFlix. Check our "Playlist" section for PTW. Click once and all PTW videos will stream in continuous play.
From: popeyethewelder  
Reply: Thanks Goerge, the camera a Olympus 790SW, water, shock and dust proof, perfect for my needs, take good photos too 7.1mp. The camera is mounted on the rear axle, I have tried various methods of mounting further back, but encounter far too much vibration....I will have to come up with another way to video on the buggy...glad you enjoyed the video.
i love stuff like this. good ideas being used for other ways of travel. it all applies!