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Tight video. Lots of creative camera angles, good scenery, kiteboarding and underwater video. Cool turtle and luggage turnstile shots. That Go Pro cam is getting good video, yes, Mike? Schooner looks comfortable. Who do we contact for tour information? Price range?
From: mikerooka  
Reply: Thanks George! I always appreciate your opinion. We run Kite Tours in BVI & Bimini Nov-Dec $1499 gets you a week aboard Juliet. Includes Chef & liquor. Book your slot @ Kite/Surf/Dive/Sail
From: george  
Reply: Sounds like a good price for a great kite holiday. I assume the boat takes you to some exceptional kite spots only accessable by boat?
From: mikerooka  
Reply: we kited in spots that have never been touched by kite b4! & yes 22ft skiff & 105 ft yacht back up
From: george  
Reply: Excellent coverage of the tour. Thanks.