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Rare do I rate a video a 10 - but this one deserves it. I especially liked the time lapse shots, the cruise ship doing a 180 - at sunset - awesome! The ski pole cam shows what can be done with ordinary objects - and some imagination. Impressive angles and shots - Great tune and a sweet edit. It all adds up to a 10.
From: george  
Reply: Yep, the ship turning during the time-lapse sunset was fortuitous. Imagination is key and necessity is the mother of invention.
I need to watch this video five times to list all the parts I like about it. Thiago managed to stuff a whole St. Martin kiteboarding experience into a tight 3 minute video. Well balanced shot selection with colorful local scenery and a fresh palate of kiteboarding shots. Gotta love the ski pole cam! lmao when the rubberband is snapped on the Sanyo. Thiago had been asking me for a Shadowcam rig to rent, buy, or plans to build one himself. I gave him as little information as possible but enough to get his mind thinking about how to build one himself. The ski pole cam is pure genius in its simplicity of design! The video is great too. Thiago has already kicked ass with his Corporate Kitesurfer video which got on the "Most Popular" list on KiteFlix. This Back To Paradise video is fine example of a good location video because it makes the viewer want to go there. Put St. Martin on my list of places to ride before I die. Good video, Thiago. Thanks for sharing it on KiteFlix.