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I have watched Andrea evolve from a spectator of the sport to a true competitor. Her learning curve was quick, in fact, i believe in the competition video you see above (2005 Kite4Girls) Andrea had only been kiting seriously for 6 months. Prior to that, she watched the kiteboarders in Fort Lauderdale and wisely absorbed all she could. This obviously contributed to her fast learning curve on the water but more so, she has a true love and respect for the sport. Her exuberance is contagious and always a pleasure to see on the beach. I have seen Andrea compete in light winds where one can hardly keep a kite in the air and ride in strong, cold blistering winds and never complain. She seems to enjoy every moment on the water. She was one of the few women who was able to finish the 20 mile historic downwinder across Tampa Bay and she took 3rd Place in the 2006 Velocity Games. She is currently sponsored by Viking Surfboards and flys Slingshot Kites.

I have also observed Andrea to be generous in helping other women on the beach learn and is always considerate of others. Andrea is a fine representative of the sport of kiteboarding and I am sure we will see a lot more of her in the future. Ride on!

Andrea Esno

Home: Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA. 3 Years Kiting: experience, Height: 5’ 11” Weight: 140lbs

Andrea says, "Over the past year, I have competed all over the United States and have traveled abroad. This has given me the opportunity to meet different communities of water personnel and has encouraged me to push the female spirit of kiteboarding further than ever before. Normally, I ride and compete on my directional twin tip boards, but due to the evolution of the sport, surfboard riding in waves has become the new potential of our sport. Therefore, this year, I will center my attention upon riding one directional surf style board in waves."
"I ride in numerous contests throughout the US and plan to help take this sport in a developing direction of wave riding throughout my travels of 2006 and beyond. At the present time I have been recognized in numerous magazines, videos, and newspapers throughout the US and feel that this is just the beginning of women in kiteboarding."

Appearances And Contests:
-2006 3rd Annual Jupiter Kite Invasion
-Velocity Games 2006
-H2Air Kite Across 2006
-Dominican Republic Xrated Riding Party
-Bahamas Kite Race 2006
For more information about Andrea Esno, you can visit her website here.
Andrea has two cats, Fuel & Octane, named after Slingshot Kites.
~ Stay tuned for a cool kiteboarding video of Andrea coming soon on KiteFLix!

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