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 Kite Girls Video Gallery (33 Videos)
Andrea Esno: 3rd Annual Jupiter Kite Invasion
Andrea Esno competes during the 3rd Annual Jupiter Kite Invasion kiteboarding competition, held every January in the town of Jupiter, Florida.

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Virtual Kiter: Irma Harris
Here is another in our series of Virtual Kiter videos. We built a custom camera rig to give you the best POV (point of view) angle video. This is as close as you can get to kiteboarding without getting wet. Irma Harris is sponsored by Globe Kites and Litewave boards. We filmed this segment at St. Simon Island, Georgia. The wind was light but it was still a fun ride. Video was edited by Chad Pazera, who also picked the song, Black and Gold by Sam Sparro. Graphix and effects for our Virtual Kiter control panel were done by Clutch MacDonald.

Keywords: Irma Harris kiteboarding video, kiteflix.com,  Litewave boards sponsored video,  Globe Kites sponsored video,  Kite girls,  kite girl kiteboarding video

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Kristin Boese
Kristin Boese kiteboarding. 2003 PKRA World Tour Ranking 4th place. 2004 PKRA Freestyle Vize World Champion. 2005 PKRA Freestyle and Wave World Champion. 2006 PKRA Freestyle and Slider World Champion.

Keywords: kite girls,  female kiteboarders,  woman who can kiteboard

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Gisela Pulido
Gisela Pulido kiteboarding in Tarifa, Spain. Perhaps the youngest of the kite girls in the sport, she ranks #1 in PKRA 2007. Born in 1994, Gisela, (Gigi) started kiteboarding at 8 years old. Sponsored by Red Bull Volkswagen, Slingshot, Rip Curl and Dakine.

Keywords: kite girls,  kiteboarding video,  kite girl, female kitesurfer,  kiteflix.com,  kiteboarding kitesurfing, kitesurfing

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Carolina kiteboarding
Dominican kite girl Carolina.

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Karolina Winkowska
kite girl Karolina winkowska kiting this year by Bukkakflatim.

Keywords: kite girls,  female kiteboarder, kite girls,  kite girl, female kitesurfer,  kiteflix.com,  kitesurfing travel

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